Partner: Sevrugian Cultural Foundation

  • In accordance with the Republic of Armenia Law „On Foundations“ the „SEVRUGIAN“ CULTURAL FOUNDATION is a non-commercial organization, which is established on voluntary contributions of property on behalf of citizens and (or) legal persons, and which does not have members and pursues social, charitable, cultural, educational, scientific, public health, environmental or other public benefit goals (Article 3, Part 1).

  • According to the Charter of „„SEVRUGIAN“ CULTURAL FOUNDATION (Clause 1.1) the foundation is a non-commercial organization established on the basis of voluntary monetary and in-kind contributions and membership“.

Registration No. in United State Registry RA Armenia, Ministry of Justice: 222.160.1344348
TIN: 08265277                    Terms of Activity: For indefinite period
Registered adress: 56 Komitas ave., apt. 57, Arabkir 0014, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Date of Registration: 2023 – 10 – 02

Code of Juridical Person: 54317700
Taxpayer identification number: 08265277
Social payments Personal Account Card Number (insurer code): 0164348

Sole Founder: Dr.Emanuel Sevrugian, Wilhelm-Frommel-Haus 45, Heidelberg, Germany
Co-doners: Noah e.V. – Association for the promotion of the cultural relations between Armenia and Germany, Germany
Size of the authorized (endowment) Capital in AMD: 61,6 mio

Bank Account: Converse Bank, Yerevan:  AMD account number: 19 3008 3958 7600 ; Euro account number: 19 3009 4388 4004;   Depo account: 19 3004 1469 997

Head of executive body (General Director): Lilit Sargsyan, Passport: AU0637163 2022-03-02 011, adress: Komitas Ave./56/ Apt. 57, Arabkir 0014, Yerevan city, Armenia

Composition of the Executive Board:

Lilit Sargsyan (General Director)

Anna Paradyan (Financial Director)   

 Yvette Tajarian (Consultant)

Composition of the Board of Trustees:

Dr. Emanuel Sevrugian (Chairman), Wilhelm-Frommel-Haus 45, 69177 Heidelberg, Germany
Ernst-Ludwig Drayss, Altengassweg 7, 64625 Bensheim, Germany
Dr. Gevorg Hayrapetyan, Gernackerweg 8, 69198 Schriesheim, Germany
Johannes Kärcher, Achalmstr. 6, 73630 Remshalden, Germany

External Auditor

GP Management Advisory LLC, iIsahakyan 18, Yerevan, 0001, Armenia +374 (93) 00 64 81